Snapchat Filters - how Does It Work?

Step 1 - Choose Your Design

Get started by browsing our Personalised Snapchat Filter Templates & choosing your favourite design for your upcoming event. 

Love our Personalised Snapchat Filters but looking for something a bit different? Order one of our Custom Design Snapchat Filters & we will design a custom filter tailored to your event, theme, specifications etc.

Looking for a Branded Snapchat Filter for your next business event, your store or to build brand awareness? Take advantage of the millions of engaged Snapchat users with our Custom Snapchat Filters for Businesses.

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Step 2 - Choose Your Placement

Once you have decided on the perfect design, simply select the number of hours that you wish the filter to be 'live' & hit that ORDER button.

As part of the checkout process you can provide us with a few simple details (venue, timings, etc) so that we have everything we need to set your filter up for you, so that you can all Snap away on the day!

We are able to cover venues up to 50,000 sq ft included in the price. This is more than enough to cover 99% of venues however if we find that your venue is bigger than this we will drop you an e-mail.

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Step 3 - Get Snap Happy!

We take care of absolutely everything from here on in...

We will drop you an e-mail with your filter design preview (at which point you can let us know if you would like any amendments!). Once you have approved your design we will set everything up with Snapchat.

Your filter will appear automatically on Snapchat for anyone within the agreed location & times on the day - it really is as easy as taking a Snap & swiping right!